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May 7, 2007

IVP Academic 2: Publishing from a Center

One way of expressing the ethos of IVP Academic is that we operate from a shared center of evangelical belief. Standing confidently on the central affirmations of our faith, we seek to engage the issues of our day by thinking scripturally and allowing the trajectory of our publishing to be calibrated by the Christian tradition. We are confident that faithfulness to the center is a time-tested grounding for diversities in perspective. From this center we welcome books that reexamine our foundational beliefs, retrieve our inheritance, refurbish our practices, renew our acquaintance with forgotten cousins and rediscover neglected corners and neighborhoods of our ancestral lands of faith.

Within the broad family of evangelical thought, we don’t think of IVP Academic as representing any particular exegetical, hermeneutical, theological or philosophical “school.” Granted, as editors we each have our own perspectives, heroes, mentors and alma maters. But we don’t seek to impose these personal preferences and persuasions on authors. Our first task is to help our authors speak clearly in their own voice, from their own perspective, while helping them also address any blind spots. Along with our authors, we think of ourselves as members of a broader learning community. And as editors we count it among our highest privileges to be working with a rich diversity of fellow travelers who share our basic convictions and who teach us along the way.

And how we are taught! Hardly an author passes through our editorial lives who doesn’t leave us with some new knowledge, some fresh insight, some challenging perspective or example of virtue or industry to enrich us and inspire us along the way. We promise not to embarrass them here, but it would be difficult not to blog on our authors!

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