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June 20, 2007

The Grain of Sand That Creates the Pearl

During the AAR/SBL meetings last November in Washington, D.C., I was at the IVP book booth when I saw John Dominic Crossan standing in front of a large stack of Craig Evans's new book, Fabricating Jesus. He had his hand on the stack but seemed uncertain as to whether or not he should pick up a volume.

So I walked over to him and in a light hearted way said, "Don't worry. Craig doesn't say anything bad about you!" Of course Crossan knew Craig and knew the two disagreed on a number of issues. So with a twinkle in his eye and a bit of an Irish brogue in his voice, he said, "It is my gift to be an irritant. I am the grain of sand that creates the pearl."

We chatted for several more minutes, but I began to think about how Crossan and others such as those in the Jesus Seminar have indeed raised the bar for conservative scholars, forcing them to elevate their game. And so today we often find those like Crossan and those like Evans paired as peers in debates.

As Crossan began to leave I picked up a copy of Evan's book and handed it to him. "Please take a copy. I don't want to make you pay for it," I said. He thanked me. But perhaps we should be thanking him.

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