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January 13, 2008

Bypassing the Cape Horn of Editorial Persuasion

So why is it that I think getting a book on the spiritual dimensions of adventure past our publishing committee would be the Cape Horn of editorial achievement?

1. Niche. It’s not our publishing niche. This is a book for a New York publishing house.
2. Market. The potential readers of this book in the market we reach is not substantial enough to float the book.
3. Platform. The book would need either a high-profile adventurer as its author/editor and/or essays from several such folks.
4. Probably theology! At least this would be the case if we were to spread the net broadly and let folks speak from their experiences. We would probably get a hodge-podge of religious/spiritual ideas. Still fascinating. But outside our publishing mission.

Each of the points above calls out for further explication, but I’ll not belabor them here. Instead I’ll refer you to the best continuing education in Christian publishing on the web: Andy Unedited.

Skip Cape Horn. Take the Strait of Magellan.

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