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November 22, 2008

Emails from SBL

We’re in Boston for the annual convention of the Society of Biblical Literature, and we’ve intercepted a few emails from grad students sending news of their convention experiences. Here are some excerpts:

“Dude, I´ve been peddling my dissertation to publishers just like you suggested. So far no bidding war, although one editor said it looked ‘full of promise.’ It’s almost like he knew it’s been nine months since I made any headway on it!”

“Hey, I bumped into this fellow by the name of Franz Bibfeldt. He gave me a hot tip for my next research project: What happened to the year zero? I wonder why no one’s thought of that before …”

“The airline lost my suitcase! They say it might not arrive until Monday! Thank God for Ward Gasque; he loaned me a suit, although I may have to roll up the pant legs. Can I borrow a belt?”

“I just met that Aussie biblioblogger guy, Mike Bird! He looked a bit banged up. He was mumbling something about a ‘rough encounter with PCAers and SBCers at ETS.’ I gave him a hug, pinched his cheeks and said, ‘Ooh, what a brave boy you’re growing into!

“Check it out! My reserved room at the Sheraton turned out to be a broom closet, so—can you believe it—they put me up in the penthouse suite! Did you know it comes with food and drinks? The party’s at my place tonight!”

“Did you know there’s another convention next door? I went there by mistake, but something seemed off. It even smelled funny! The sign out front even said ‘SBL,’ but it turns out they’re the Society for Barefoot Living!”

“My reserved room at the Sheraton turned out to be a broom closet. I ran into Rodney Clapp, though, and he’s graciously offered me his bathtub as a bed.”††

“This morning I thought I was at my seminary’s breakfast, but it turned out to be another school’s! Too late to duck out; the bacon and eggs had already been served. I had to fake it. There was an awkward moment when I had to stand and introduce myself, but I just told them I was an online student. Quick thinking, right?”††

“Apparently I just delivered my paper in the convention staff break room. These maps are worthless. Ah well, at least the maintenance crew now has a better handle on the scribal tendencies of the Aleppo codex.”

“Check it out! Between crashing receptions, freeloading from friends and carrying a stash of crackers and peanut butter in my backpack, I haven’t paid a dime for food the whole convention!”††

“I think I got a bit carried away buying books. I just checked in for my flight to L.A., and United charged me a whopping overweight bags fee. Pretty much canceled out the deep publisher discounts. I could have eaten well for that! Bummer. Oh, and dude, don’t tell my wife.”

** Happy birthday, Mikie!

†† Factually based!

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