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November 21, 2009

Heard in the SBL Halls

In my Monday post I talked about my quest for context at SBL. I overestimated the gravitas of this convention. You hear some interesting things if you keep your ears open as you stroll the halls:

“Charlotte says she is hung over, so she can’t make the spiritual formation study group.”

“Maybe I’m just too Anglican, but most praise songs sound to me like Derrida set to music.”

“I forgot. Can you tell me where the seminar is on Liturgy and the Memory of God’s People?”

“Hey, can I hide behind your booth for a moment? I see my editor coming. I haven’t made any progress on my book since last year.”

“Quick. Engage me in deep conversation. I see one of my authors coming. I haven’t read her manuscript yet.”

“Would you like that book in paper, cloth, Kindle or plasma?”

“So this bleary-eyed New Testament scholar walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, ‘How ‘bout a Schnapps.’ ‘No!’ he bellows, ‘I just sat through his hour-long paper and the exegesis was atrocious.’”

“You can tell we’re in a deep recession. The SBL tote bags are made of sackcloth, the name-tag lanyards are discarded Mardi Gras beads and the reception is serving up liverwurst po’ boys.”

“Andrea couldn’t come because of budgetary cutbacks and she asked me to Twitter the sessions she’s missing. But it’s straining my good will. You’re a quarter of the way to 140 characters when Überlieferungsgeschichte and Wirkungsgeshichte pop up in one sentence.”

“Meeting your favorite biblioblogger is about as sexy as meeting an NPR reporter. There’s a lot to the medium that doesn’t meet the eye. And their jokes … oh my!”

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