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February 25, 2010

Reading Obsessions

The topic is compulsive. Last August I did a blog on “I Read It.” There I confessed that I am a “completist.”

This morning Joe Carter, at the First Thoughts blog at First Things , drew my attention to two pieces in the Guardian.

Alan Bissett wonders “Who Stole Our Reading Time.” And Toby Lichtig confesses to his obsessive conclusion disorder in “To the Bitter End: Books and Me.”

Read it all. Or however much you are wired to read.

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Interestingly enough, I am very much the opposite -- I have a (horrible) tendency to not finish books. However, to argue on my behalf, I wonder if this tendency is more attributable to the writer, not the reader?

-- Your plug to Alan Bissett's piece "Who Stole our Reading Time" adds to my defense, I think. The Info Age has infiltrated our desires/wants, promoting the ideology of the day to be brief smatterings of small little factoids. The talking head represents the essence of this ideology; it shoots onto our TV screen for a couple seconds, gives a quick blurb, only to switch to another talking head (which does the same routine). In other words, we get our "ideas" and "meaning" on-the-run, like our food, or even sex - quick and easy. *sigh*

I am afraid books/novels have fallen under the same rubric. Language across the spectrum is anxiously motivated by fast facts, taking a nod from the undergirding texture of information-ism. It is no mistake, I think, that "networking" is the chicest word out there in today's public marketplace of ideas -- "You gotta get your name out there," or so they say.

But maybe I am just rationalizing..

Comment by: DM Micklow at March 5, 2010 6:03 PM

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