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August 25, 2010

Move Over, Tom Wright

This week a bunch of academic books go to the printer. And I get a final opportunity to check over my own contributions. The idea is for the editor to look over the big stuff, the meta issues, and anything known to have been problematic and needing resolution. I’m generally able to limit my probings accordingly. But sometimes I fail. This happens when the book exerts irresistible pull back into the text—to read portions, to reflect again, to browse the footnotes, to be reminded of key arguments. While capitulating to this slows me down and puts me behind in other tasks, I generally consider it a good sign. The book is working its magic. And that means it’s likely to do the same for other readers like me. I’ve been experiencing this once again over the past two or three days. Want to know what the book is?

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Posted by Dan Reid at 12:55 PM

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