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August 30, 2011

It's All Clear, Depending on How You View It

At IVP we’ve gathered our multiview books—the three-views, four-views, five-views books—under the banner of Spectrum Multiview Books, and we’ve given their covers a new look.

So what can you look forward to? Well, we’ve just sent Justification: Five Views to the printer, and it’s coming out this fall. (I challenge you to read the endorsements and conclude you don’t need to bother with the book.) And next spring we will have Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views. These two have been simmering on separate burners of my editorial range.

But with one dish heading for the table now, I’m ready to prepare another. And I think I just heard the order come in. Right now there is a new evangelical controversy breaking out of the gate: the issue is biblicism and its premise of the clarity (or perspicuity, if you like technical terms) of Scripture. So how about The Clarity of Scripture: Five Biblical Views?

Perhaps we could have these views:

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Posted by Dan Reid at 3:52 PM

August 9, 2011

The Editor As Detective

Doesn’t the publisher have a fact checker? That was the nub of a critical review of an article in one of our Black Dictionaries years ago. And since the fact checker in that case would have had to have been me, it made me pause and think. Before it really annoyed me.

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Posted by Dan Reid at 8:29 AM

August 5, 2011

420 Characters, All in a Row

What can you say in 420 characters? In my previous blog I spoke of storytelling. And that reminded me that I’m finding Facebook an interesting medium for writing experiments. For instance, can you write a mini-story in a Facebook posting? It’s fun to try. Last October I gave it a spin:

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Posted by Dan Reid at 9:57 AM

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