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March 20, 2012

"Its Author Claims No Special Importance for It."

“It is with many misgivings that this little volume is committed to the press. Its author claims no special importance for it. It does not pretend to be a complete and connected history of our Church, either in the period of which it treats, or in the territory to which it relates. He is fully aware of its fragmentary and imperfect character, and of the very limited interest that will be taken in its pages. His excuse for offering it to the public, already surfeited with books, is the fact that its publication has been insistently urged by judicious friends, who have some knowledge of its character.”

So goes the preface of a book published over one hundred years ago, in 1904.

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Posted by Dan Reid at 10:43 AM

March 7, 2012

Marginally Generalizing Is Not A Good Thing

Recently I was reading a book, a study by a notable scholar of a notable figure and published by a notable university press. And I came across this statement: “Like most missionaries, … was a marginal man.” Call me sensitive (marginal disclosure: I’m the descendant of three generations of missionaries and served as a missionary for a short while myself), but this statement irritated me to the bone.

Just where did the author come by this information that most missionaries are marginal? Did he survey missionaries past and present? Or did he just consult his mental filing cabinet of biases and stereotypes?

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March 2, 2012

David Ishii: A Bookseller Rooted in a Place

Yesterday, March 1, a Seattle bookseller died. You can read his obituary here, and a wonderful profile from 2004 here. And then there is this short video here. Don’t miss it!

I just love this story! I’ve visited David Ishii’s bookstore a few times, but I don’t think I ever spoke with him. I regret that. What a wonderful guy—so connected with a place—Seattle and its Pioneer Square. And yet connected to a much wider community of Asian-American writers. In my mind, this epitomizes what a used bookstore should be.

Is it a dying institution? (Ishii operated nearly within sight of Amazon’s offices.) Maybe. Maybe not. I’m holding out the hope that the physical book will retain its attraction for many of us. And that bookstores like Ishii’s will survive. We have a great one in our town, and I support it every opportunity I get!

Posted by Dan Reid at 12:46 PM

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