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February 23, 2016

David Dark pens the best-ever "read my book" plea...

9780830844463.jpgSo we at Addenda and Errata usually try to limit ourselves to talking only about IVP Academic books. So this plug for IVP Books stalwart David Dark might be a little out of the ordinary. This essay does, however, capture this particular moment in the book world very well. Dark is a winsome and engaging writer AND he’s a professor of theology at Belmont University, so that counts, right?

Here’s the beginning:

“So…the bright red book is out there in material form in the land of the living. It’s being very thoughtfully reviewed by all manner of wonderful people. And it’s a deep joy (at all times) to hear tell of my word choice leading to someone else’s break-through. More than anything I’ve written in my life so far, this one somehow assumes the shape of the very assertion I’d love to see dropped into the middle of every news cycle I see rolling before me everyday…continues after the jump:

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