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October 5, 2009

Christological Gold

Here is a sulphurous discharge from the fumaroles of hell:

Infinity is all around, so wherever you are, you are in the center of the universe. Deepak Chopra

Here is fine gold, worked into a christological setting:

But following the holy Scriptures I believe that there is one God and his only-begotten Son or Word, who ever exists with the Father and has never in any sense had a beginning of existence, truly having his being from God, not created, not made, but ever being with, ever reigning with God and the Father, “of whose kingdom,” according to the testimony of the apostle, “there shall be no end.” Marcellus of Ancrya

A few months back I blogged about my reading of Ancient Christian Doctrine, Volume 1, We Believe in One God, edited by Gerald Bray. (And I’m pleased to find that David Neff also finds it good devotional reading.) Having finished reading that volume, I turned with much anticipation to Volume 2, We Believe in One Lord Jesus Christ, edited by John Anthony McGuckin. I have not been disappointed. If anything, this volume is better yet!

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Posted by Dan Reid at 8:28 AM

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